Bollywood Celebrities Transcended Fashion at Cannes 2018




Bollywood Celebrities Transcended Fashion at Cannes 2018

Fashion is the sense of maturity and it has been considered that the people who are fashionable they do not need specific definition for it. Cannes Films Festival is an event in which Celebrities come at the broadcasts of the movies.

It can be said that Movies are at first shown the teasers to the world through this festival. Bollywood started participating in this event few years ago. Moreover, Aishwariya Rai is continuously presenting India at this level. In 2018 it was 17th appearance for the event.

Cannes Film Festival 2018 is the 71st version of the event. There have been many stars on this platform but Aishwariya Ray stayed the most consistent. All of the stars who went there for their appearance was regarding something special.

Apart of female stars there were male stars who take attention of the world. Being international event, Nawazuddin Siddiqui also appeared there to promote his upcoming movie “Manto”. Moreover, Females were presenting their brands.

Bollywood Celebrities Transcended Fashion at Cannes 2018

No doubt, Hollywood Celebrities have great number of fans all over the globe. Indian industry has also got its influence in the world now. Whoever has been seen in the festival, was presenting something new and different in the sense of “Fashion”.

This time there are many people from Desi industry who were there to represent the brands they endorse. Deepika Padukone gave her second appearance of this event. She is the one who has been applauded the most.

Bollywood Celebrities Transcended Fashion at Cannes 2018

Kangna Ranaut, Mahira Khan and Huma Qureshi gave their debut appearances and for Mahira Khan she has got worldwide gratitude being the first lady of her country presenting L’Oreal in France. This could be the life changing moment in her life but she is already successful in her career.

At the same time, Sonam Kapoor was endorsing the same brand at the same event but she was presenting her own country. Both have shared moments of Cannes Film Festival 2018. It seems like Mahira Khan has developed some sound relations in Bollywood.

She has already done movie with King Khan of the Bollywood. Morevoer, she has been spotted with Ranvir Kapoor. This time Sonam’s hug and love for Mahira and moment captured in a picture has confirmed that Mahira is going to last longer in Bollywood Film Industry.

There are numerous ladies who went into the Event and all of them are presenting different fashions and Fashion brands to make people know that Bollywood industry is also influential in the world.

Who presented Bollywood in Cannes Festival 2018?

Bollywood Celebrities Transcended Fashion at Cannes 2018

There were many male and female stars in the event went there with different purposes. Nawazzudin Siddiqui along with Aishwariya Rai , Sonam Kapoor and Kangana Ranaut many other stars have been spotted there.

There were five of them who appeared outstandingly, they presented Fashion in a different and trendy way.

Sonam Kapoor contemporary Bride of the B-Town
Bollywood Celebrities Transcended Fashion at Cannes 2018

She was presenting India and endorsing L’Oreal Paris(The brand which have been into this event since last 18 years), She appeared into this event with her eighth appearance. This time she looked more pretty and elegant because she got married with Anand Ahuja.

Most interesting part of her looks in the event was the “Mehndi” which still have its colors on her hands. Moreover, her snap with Mahira Khan has overtook the social media. Both of them were presenting the same brands in the context of their countries.

Sonam was excited to meet Mahira in the event as she discusses on her twitter account when Mahira congratulated her for the married life. She replied that she is anxiously waiting to have her company in the Cannes.

Believe me Franc Riveria got hotter due to there Desi Celebrities in the Cannes. This was the Debut Entry of Mahira Khan but her beauty and poses in front of the cameras has took many hearts. Her stardom reached to its height.

Sonam Kapoor enjoyed the event because the brand she endorse have given her surprise cake cutting ceremony. This surprise was given to her because of she got married recently.

It was a great year and moment for Sonam Kapoor. She is the only Actress of B-Town who has been spotted in the news for the last one month. She has given best movie and then got married and now her appearance in the Cannes Film Festival 2018.

Aishwariya Rai Legend of Bollywood in Cannes Festival
Bollywood Celebrities Transcended Fashion at Cannes 2018

She appeared in this event for the 17th time. She has spent much time in the industry but still she has full potential in her beauty. Moreover, Miss Universe of India has took many hearts.

May 11, 12 and 13 were the days where Indians were given chance to walk on the Red Carpet. She wore frock in multi colors. Her looks are always decent and fascinating as she was looking on the first day of the event.

On the second day when she went on the screening of the movie ”Sink or Swim” she was wearing shimmering white dress. In addition to this, she was photographed upon arrival at the premier of Hollywood Upcoming Movie ”Girls of the Sun”.

Aishwariya Ray Bachan is commonly known as the topper or the trend setter for the B-Town girls in this event. She has given news at this spot to the media that after her last movie Aye Dil Hai Mushkil she is working on the upcoming project of Bollywood named as “Fanney Khan”.

Deepika Padukone the Top Rated Actress of Bollywood
Bollywood Celebrities Transcended Fashion at Cannes 2018

Every Actor and Actress comes with the specific period of time. They need to spend specific amount of time in the industry. Deepika Padukone is the lady who has spent less time in Bollywood but she has gained much respect and fame.

She is the only one this year in Cannes Film Festival 2018 who has nailed the Red Carpet with her looks. She has found to be the most fashionable lady who went to the Event from Bollywood’s side.

When she went to attend the Screening of the upcoming Hollywood Movie “Sorry Angel”. She was wearing white dress which was looking tremendous on her bodice.

If someone will write about the Naked dresses wore by the Celebrities in the Cannes might he will write about Deepika Padukone because her first day dress was something relevant to that matter.

Her looks are admired the most on the second day when she was wearing pink and her shoulders were like shields. She was looking awesome!

She went to the screening of “Ash is Purest White” when she was wearing it and at that time she has got the attention of the world towards her. She is already enough successful in the industry it cannot be said that, it will be a turning point in her life.

She has already done a movie in Hollywood, with the best Actor of the industry.

Mahira Khan From Pakistan & Star Cast of Raees Movie
Bollywood Celebrities Transcended Fashion at Cannes 2018

When she went to France she was in her casual clothes but those clothes were not that much casual to be called rough. She was looking gorgeous in that dress. After this visit of her to the event, she has got new title of the “Fashion Icon” of Pakistan.

She is the only lady who has successfully done her movie in Bollywood and she is endorsing L’Oreal Paris brand. That is the only brand lasts longer in the Cannes Film Festival.

She was presenting her state in this event.When she went for the screening of BlackKklansman she was wearing Black dress. She gave different poses to the cameras and her pose which admired the most to the photographers and the world was when she gave flying kiss to the media and cameras.

Her hot red lipstick with black dress was a sign of complete beauty on which her neckless was enhancing the glance of her beauty which was made of white pearls.


Fashion is the sense of creativity, there were many celebrities who were presenting different nations and films. Bollywood celebrities are unmatchable and their elegance is admirable for everyone.

To sum up the substance, Cannes Film Festival 2018 was the event for the Bollywood Celebrities where they have proven themselves as fashionable as the whole world celebrities are.

Deepika Padukone has took the stage when she walked on the Red Carpet and Aishwariya Rai maintained the benchmark. However, Kangna Ranaut and Mahira Khan along with Malika Sherawat also gave a sense of dressing to the people.